Tips for Planning Bachelor’s Parties

Have you been asked to host a bachelor party?  This can be a wonderfully memorable event for the groom and his best buds.  The options for bachelor parties are nearly endless. They can range from a simple dinner to a weekend away. Hollywood has created images of smoke filled rooms with girls dancing on tables as the quintessential bachelor’s party.  The possibilities are much greater today. Your budget and headcount will play a large role in determining what activities are best suited for the event. Be sure to include the male siblings of both the bride and groom.

Consider taking advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and getting tickets to a sporting event or concert through StubHub. Spend some time collaborating with the groom’s other buddies in determining the best options for the bachelors party. Injecting the element of a humorous, good natured, surprise is always welcome and memorable. Glow in the dark pink socks are an option if the venue is neon. It should be fun without being harmful.  A day zip lining, playing a round of golf or target practice can be fun options.

A memento of the occasion would be welcome by all the attendees. Whether this is a beer mug, t-shirt or other personalized item, the options are limitless. Enlist one of the members of the party to be responsible for identify an appropriate memento to commemorate the occasion.  Be sure to take plenty of pictures; the groom will enjoy reflecting on these for years to come.  If you’re an exceptionally large group and want to avoid a mountain of emails, consider creating a social media page dedicated to the occasion. This can include all the pertinent information about the event as well as an option for invitees to respond.  Have a grand time at the Bachelor’s party!